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TAL COM SÓC is the cornerstone of a project with style, charecterized by a serious humor, as we prefer to call it. Through it the perehosta company pretends to show his view of the world and of those characters that inhabit it from a humorous perspective in order to highlight the absurd aspects of everyday life.

Starting with the reasearch of this clown, his universe evolves to the show at OUT! – which was presented at the Theatrical Fair of Tarrega, Perpignan Festivals, Seville Fest, Cos de Reus, among other festivals and theaters -.

With the street production of POSTAL EXPRESS, directed by Sophie Bortwich with the collaboration of Pierre Pilatte, he plays with imagery and simpleness. He uses these two former elements as resources to explain everyday reality and interact with it, seeking to grasp truths and smiles . .

Highlighting the humour’s research and investigation, he presented PÀJARU in 2012 – a co-production with El Canal, and released by Temporada Alta 2012 -. Essentially, a visual show where the clown plays and creates images that project ourselves from the simpleness and emotionalism that describes us as human beings.

Let us be seduced by these characters and their worlds … the clown’s ones.

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The research of this daily clown is the manner the company has undertaken, in order to explain its particular vision of the world through human gestures and behaviour. Facing isolation and loneliness, as main features of our times, we are committed to discover optimism and humor hidden in the routine’s boredom.

Here we have been

Festivals and performances

  • Festival OFF Avignon

  • Festival Passage - Dinamarca

  • Festival TEMPORADA ALTA Girona

  • Kaldearte - Vitoria

  • MAC La Mercè BCN

  • MIMOS Festival Perigueux - França

  • Festival d’Aurillac - França

  • Festival Parades - França

  • TAC Valladolid

  • Bonheur des Momes - Le Grand Bornand -França

  • Chalon dans la Rue - França

  • Festival Pforzheim (Alemania)

  • Fira Teatre de Tàrrega

  • Festival Cos de Reus

  • Oh Lala (Austria)

  • Sinksen Festival (Bèlgica)

  • Festival Circ Cric

  • MIM Sueca

  • TNT Terrassa

  • Fira del Circ de La Bisbal

  • Fiestas del Pilar

  • MIRA. Fira arts de carrer de Gandia

  • UJI Castelló de la Plana -Festival Reclam

  • Festival Cangas

  • Estivales de Perpignan

  • L'Estruch de Sabadell

  • Autores Contemporaneos Alacant

  • L' Antic Teatre

  • Fest de Sevilla

  • Teatre de l’Aurora

  • Sala La Planeta -Girona

  • Sala Trono -Tarragona

  • ESCENARIS (Gironés)

  • Festival ESCENA Poblenou

  • Festival Internacional de Pallassos de Cornellà

  • Festus -Torelló

  • El Garitu -Cardedeu

  • Ateneu Nou Barris (Barcelona)

  • Festival Trapezi Reus

  • Chalon dans la Rue

  • MUT festival

  • Al Carrer - Viladecans

  • PrimaverART - El Morell

  • Festes de Lleida

  • Pixa't de Riure

  • Festival El Ganxo

  • Festival Barruguet - Eivissa

  • ...and more

Members of our


  • Pere Hosta


    He trains as a clown with teachers like Pep Vila, Berty Tobias, Virginia Imaz, Claret Clown, i Ollis Haustentein. He studied theater at the Theatre School of Girona “El galliner”, Theatre Studies – Berty Tovías – and many others, besides the fact of being a self-taught person.

    He has collaborated on TV programmes, has done animation, street theater and presented his first show as a clown in 2002 at La Fira de Tarrega: Where are you, girl ? production of Genial Teatre.

    He created his own private entertainment company Tal com sóc (2005) and after that, he premiered OUT (2008) on an international scale. Postal Express (2011) is a street creation directed by Sophie Borthwick and prized with the street Award OFF 2011 (Zaragoza). And the PÀJARU was released on Temporada Alta 2012 with the El Canal co-production. Recently he has worked on the Matx of Pallassos (Circ Cric) with Tortell Poltrona.

    He teaches theater to children and teenagers in different schools from Girona, including El Galliner where he is the headmaster of Children’s Theatral Department. He is also, the head of studies in Girona’s Council School of Theater.

    He is a member of La Bleda company and he ran the last show: Tut-turutut La Princesa, helping to consolidate the company within the familiar theater in Catalonia.

    Pere Hosta
  • Helena Escobar

    Clown and assistant director

    Helena Escobar is studying at the Theatre Institute in Terrassa and at the same time, she is earning her Degree in Art History. She trained as a clown with Virginia Imaz, Jango Edwards, Theatre Organic, Ollis Haunstentein, Manu Aizpuru i Pep Vila. She began her career doing children’s theater (Teatre de Paper, Catacrac, Tàbata Teatre) until she set up her own Clown- theater company for all public types: La Bleda (2001).

    With her stage productions like Històries de la Bleda, PalplantadaBleda, Una Paradeta Particular, Maduuuixes and the last one Tut-turutut La Princesa. She has consolidated the Bleda Company within the family theater in Catalunya after a long career.

    She worked with Ricard Salvat, Marta Carrasco, Txell Roda, Comediants, Theatre de l’Unité. She also works as an actress in films and television. She has also joined the two editions of the Festival de Pallasses internacional d’Andorra. She takes part of the Company Perehosta since the premiere of Tal com sóc, and is the director of Out! and the Assistant Director of Postal Express and Pàjaru.

    Helena Escobar

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