What should a single man for dating?

Tal com sóc

Tal com sóc

We are not making reference to a sporadic relationship… men already know where to look for it … We are making reference to a serious relationship, stable and without expiration date. And how is that possible for a man who is unable to stand the look of a woman without crumbling? He has tried so many times … he had no other option but signing to a dating agency.

  • At the agency , he is known as the 29, and today is the big day. Is his turn to be promoted, and he presents himself as he truly is. With a lot of truths, contradictions, doubts, illusions and disappointments . Is he different? He is special … which is very different!

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    Technical data

    Authors: Pep Vila and Pere Hosta

    Direction: Pep Vila

    Actor/Clown: Pere Hosta

    Assistant Director: Helena Escobar

    Design and Construction of Cart: Mercé Ribera and Carlos Maronna

    Graphic Design and Photography: Andrés Siri and Pere Hosta

    Production: cia.perehosta

    Sound and Lighting Technician: Isaac Bosch

    Spectacle only available in Catalan and Spanish.



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