Street show where every delivery is full of humor.

Postal express

Postal express

We will review the urban architecture with a letter, rediscover all the mailboxes on our street and the portals of our recipients through an endearing character, funny and absurd.

  • A contemporary clown show, where the subtle humor is present in each delivery.

    Portal Express Ico
  • Artistic data

    Technical data

    Original idea: Pere Hosta

    Direction: Sophie Borthwick

    Assistant Director: Helena Escobar

    Clown postman Pere Hosta

    Costumes: CarmePuigdevalliPlantés

    Photo: Jordi Gestí

    Graphic Design: SOPAGraphics

    Production: perehosta teatredhumor

    Acknowledgements: Pierre Pilatte, El Galliner, Jordi Palet,

    Domènec Boïgues, el cartero de Santa Marta, Non Casadevall,

    Enric Marés.


    With the support of: Ajuntament de Girona

    Itinerant Street Show

    Street show . Traveling 70m to 100m

    1 stage manager

    35 minut



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