The pàjaru spreads his wings, sharpens his beak...



The pàjaru spreads his wings, sharpens his beak, fertilizing the moment and it is not hiding his head in the sand anymore. Or yes. Anyway, he takes flight decided to expose himself as free as a bird, in front of you and exhibit his extraordinary skills and knowledge about the wonderful world of ornithology.

  • A world tailored to his needs where his featherbrained head plans impossible strategies in order to make El Pàjaru build castles in the air. Run around like a chicken with its head cut off

    Pajaru Icona
  • Artistic data

    Creation: Pere Hosta, Manel Trias, Jordi Palet & Helena Escobar

    Stage Direction: Manel Trias

    Assistant Director: Helena Escobar

    Dramaturge and playwright: Jordi Palet

    Audiovisual: Isaki Lacuesta

    Scenic Area: Manel Trias

    Music and sound design: Pep Pascual

    Costumes’ Design: Carmepuigdevalliplantés

    Lighting design: Nani Valls

    Graphic Design: Sopa Graphics

    Co-production: El Canal -Centro De Artes Escénicas Girona / Salt – & Perehosta Teatredhumor

    Collaborators: Sala La Planeta, Teatre de Bescanó, Teatre d’Olot, Teatre Municipal de Banyoles I El Galliner.



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