A door appears out of nowhere... what a great opportunity!

Open door

Open door

A door appears out of nowhere… what a great opportunity to open it !, and know that there is the other side. But it turns out the other side there is us, our daily life… and an eccentric character, funny, surreal and witty moments… that brings the door leaves here and there the need transported the fun. With the simplicity of the door, take us to places where imagination comes in and out.

  • Come through the door to live differently street every day and do it everyday… fun.

    Open Door Ico
  • Artistic data

    Technical data

    Idea Creation & Pere Hosta

    Stage director: Sophie Borthwick

    Assistant Director: Helena Escobar

    Clown: Pere Hosta

    Scenery: Pep Aymerich

    Costumes CarmePuidevalliPlantéS

    Design: SopaGraphics

    Acknowledgements: Lu Arroyo

    With the support of: Ajuntament de Girona – Kreas 2015, Diputació de Girona

    Collaboration: Festival Claca, Centre Cívic Barri Vell-Mercadal

    Recommended age: all audiences

    Duration: 35 minutes

    Places can be represented: Small square, pedestrian street, park, …

    Traveling route

    Max. 200 pers



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