Today the office takes to the streets to order and control.



This office worker transforms the space by working, he will transform our emotions. He has come to change the world … or at least he will try! A certifier of certainties. Wait for your turn!

  • Every day we do paperwork, we present documents, we look for certificates,… we do paperwork. Today the office goes out to order and control. To see the dangers to which the pedestrian is exposed.

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  • Artistic data

    Technical data

    Clown / Clown: Pere Hosta

    Direction: Jordi Aspa

    Assistant director: Helena Escobar

    Musical advice: Dome Bohigues

    Scenography: Nartxi Azkargorta

    Costumes: Eva Gubau

    Graphic design: SopaGraphics

    Production: PereHosta


    Acknowledgments: Casa de Cultura de Girona, Taula de Cultura de St. Esteve de Palautordera, Escola de Teatre El Galliner.


    With the support of: Ajuntament de Girona, Diputació de Girona.

    Fixed show street

    Recommended age: All public

    Duration: 35 minutes approx.

    Places where it can be represented: small square, pedestrian / shopping street, park … archive

    Fixed in the same square or street, without stage

    Max. 100 people

    Performance schedule: morning or early afternoon.


    Arrival at the space 2.30 hours before to study the situation and possibilities of play

    Place to change

    Van parking


    Street show adaptable to COVID19 sanitary measures



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