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about to open the door

Coming soon … to open the door OPEN DOOR … on 29 October in the Rambla de Girona, within the program St.Narcís Fairs of Girona. Before calling COS Festival of Reus on 23 October and Festival Scene Poble Nou on Sunday 25 October. We hope you enjoy a lot to get this door open … […]

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New project in the street …

An essential element in our everyday lives. Doors open and close hundreds of times without realizing account routinely on a daily basis … but what happens when we put a door where it touches. It is then when this door becomes an element sugeridor, poetic and magical. The leads us to imaginary worlds and surreal.

Our character with this door leads to more humorous imagery that can be found on the street. From reality and through the door frame and you can see live scenes and amusing individuals.
When you open the door sometimes you will not know that … when you leave behind the fences stories and experiences. Everyone has their favorite door to open … we want to provide that everyone remembers and enjoy themselves. Also open the door to the clown improvisation.

The door has always been a very sugeridor and creators to present films and musicals, opening opportunities for a particular world where everyone can enter and the door … just cross it !.

Idea Creation & Pere Hosta
Stage director: Sophie Borthwick
Assistant Director: Helena Escobar
Clown: Pere Hosta
Scenery: Pep Aymerich
Costumes CarmePuidevalliPlantéS
Design: SOPA graphics
Acknowledgements: Lu Arroyo

Tap, tap … who is there? … Open the door !!!


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